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DorsoRosso was born with the aim of safeguarding the Apulian bush vine, a symbol of millenary viticulture.

Protecting the bush vine is essential for producing an authentic Apulian wine, which faithfully reflects our soil, climate and native grape, as well as our conception of viticulture.

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Dorso Rosso

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Our Label

This is the label linked to an ancient history that tastes of passion. It is the history of our country that brings along with it the colors of the soil, the sun and tradition. A rugged land, but generous at the same time, a land that tells us about its past and we harvest its fruits ..... divided into three parts, past, present and future, the tradition is handed down with a single element of union and strength. This wine is born from the deep bond of Cantine Paololeo with his land, with the history of his family and the love for things done well, in respect of the territory and those who live and work there.

We recommend tasting it in a large big belly goblet, so that the wine has a large surface to oxygenate. This will allow you to better perceive the complexity of the aromas released by this important red wine.

Negroamaro IGP Puglia.

Dorso Rosso

Full-bodied and strong wine, Dorsorosso can be paired with richly structured dishes, connected to the Salento tradition, such as baked first courses and slow-cooked ragù, also excellent on dishes such as orecchiette with turnip tops or broad beans and chicory with fried croutons; the best meat cooked on embers enhance the structure of the wine which, combined with meats and cheeses, becomes a special guest. Change the last icon with a% 14 ° alc.

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